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Frontline Flea and Tick Medication for dogs 89-132lbs

Merial's Frontline Plus for Large Dogs 89-132lbs stops fleas and ticks by killing them in all stages of growth: egg, larve and adult form.

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3 month supply of Frontline Flea and Tick Medication for dogs 89-132lbs

Veterinarian approved Frontline Plus flea and tick medicine for dogs is a preventative formula applied to your dog's coat monthly and kills 100% of adult fleas on your dog within 18 hours and 100% of all ticks within 48 hours. Frontline Plus uses S-methoprene to kill both the larvae (junior) form of fleas and flea eggs. Adult fleas are killed by fipronil. These medications also kill the eggs, larvae and adult stages of the four major ticks found on dogs.

  • Kills Fleas (Eggs, Larve & Adult) within 18 hours
  • Kills Ticks (Including ticks that may carry Lyme Disease)
  • Fast-acting
  • Waterproof

Ticks can transmit diseases to both dogs and their owner. Humans can catch Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, rocky mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and tick-borne relapsing fever. Advanced stages of Lyme disease can cause Lyme arthritis, a chronic joint inflammation. Neurological damage may also occur.

Directions for use: Remove applicator from child-resistant package. Hold applicator upright and snap applicator tip away from face and body. Place applicator tip through dog's hair to the skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze applicator, applying entire contents in a single spot to the dog's skin. Avoid superficial application to the animal's hair. Only one applicator per treatment is needed.

Frequency of application: When used monthly, Frontline Plus for Dogs completely breaks the flea life cycle and controls tick and chewing lice infestations.

For complete label information, please click above on the product picture (front and back). Contains 3 applicators for dogs 89-132lbs.

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