Prevent Arthritis In Dogs with Practical Tips

Can you naturally prevent and even improve your dog's arthritis? Yes, you can! (And save a fortune in vet bills).

The following simple lifestyle changes in this article will enhance and can even reverse your dog's arthritis.

You'll be pleased at how much money you'll save at your vets office by following these simple home remedies.



Here are 5 great tips for arthritis prevention in dogs while also improving their overall health.

  • You'll learn a simple and inexpensive method of how to control your dog's weight so as to limit the stress on its joints.
  • Learn multiple ways to exercise your canine so as to strengthen its joints and keep its weight down.
  • Did you know that the pressure of the floor against your dog's legs crushes and injures their joints?
  • Learn how slippery surfaces like ice and snow on the ground cause leg injuries.
  • You'll learn which vitamins and supplements naturally restore and renew your dog's joints.

Let's discuss the most important and easiest tip to implement first.

Most dog owners don't realize the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for their dog. Overweight dogs develop a multitude of diseases.

These diseases include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, increased inflammation, and osteoarthritis.

Dogs with arthritis in their legs struggle to jump or even stand up. Diseases caused by being overweight lead to a poor quality of life. Studies confirm overweight dogs have a shortened life expectancy.

A study of Labrador Retrievers reviewed hip dysplasia during the first two years of their lives. The researchers put the dogs into two groups.

Group one ate as much food as they wanted.
Group two ate 25% less food as group one.

The dogs on the unlimited food diet were 2 to 3 times more likely to develop hip dysplasia by two years of age. Providing your dog with the proper amount of food is crucial to the joint health of your pet.

Quick note: Make sure your dog suffers from osteoarthritis before starting these tips. Take your pet to the vet and don't try to self-diagnose your dog. It may have suffered a bone injury or muscle injury. It could have a spinal injury, have a foreign object embedded in its paw or limp for many other reasons.

If it has rheumatoid arthritis, your veterinarian can help.

So, watching your pet's weight leads us to our first tip:

1) First Tip: Get a food dish that holds the exact amount of food your vet recommends.

Maintaining your dog's diet is very important. Buying a proper sized feeding dish will help you maintain your dog's weight. Less weight eases stress on its joints.

The more stress on the joint, the more likely it will wear down and become damaged. Each pound of excess weight puts about four pounds of extra pressure on a dog's knees.1

Picture of 1st tip: Buy the right size dog bowl

You might think, "Oh, no, my dog's not overweight". The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), estimates 54% of pets in America are overweight.

That's roughly one out of every two dogs being overweight. It's possible your dog could be on the wrong side of the scale.

Trust us; this is one of the easiest ways to improve your dog's arthritis and health.

At feeding time, your dog will always receive the proper amount of food, so you won't accidentally overfill the bowl. You'll know just when to stop.

Our favorite feeding bowls for getting our dogs the correct amount of food are the Basis Pet Made bowls.

They are made in the USA from stainless steel and are tested for heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium. They come in packs of two. You can fill the bowls up to the Max Fill (to the rim) to get an exact measurement of two cups.

The image below showcases the sizes and quantities of each bowl.
Basis Pet Bowls Sizes and Capacities

Below are some different affiliate links to that help support this page. If you don't like the Basis system, these links will help you get the right sized bowl that your veterinarian recommends for your pet.

Extra tip: Dogs with neck pain or dogs that have difficulty squatting down to reach their food will appreciate elevated bowls to help them eat without discomfort.

Pets with arthritis find it easier to eat from a raised feeder.

2) Second Tip: Exercise your dog regularly. This is another key to overall health.

Exercise is another way to maintain your dog's weight. Again, the less your dog weighs means the less stress on it's joints.

But it also improves your dog's mental status, anxiety levels and overall calm.

Exercise improves cardiovascular health and muscular health. It also enhances digestive issues, and constipation. Exercise improves agility and will help maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise Your Dog to Help Fight Arthritis

So, if you're asking yourself "Should I walk my dog with arthritis?", the answer is yes! You can take your dog for a jog, run, or walk, or play Frisbee or fetch. These activities will be good for both of you.

Set up a routine; make it a habit. Regular exercise for you and your dogs is always a good thing.

Remember: Don't engage in extreme activities with your dog. If you take your dog for two twenty minutes walks per day, and then go on a six-hour rigorous mountain hike with your dog, your dog's joint health will suffer.

Starting a new exercise routine with your pet is no different from an athlete who must slowly ramp up physical activity to avoid injuries.

With long-distance runners, running a marathon is often not the challenge. It's ramping up the mileage during training without getting injured that is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Your dog isn't any different. Manage your dog's exercise so that it is consistent, and your dog will be healthier and happier.

Go exercise with your dog!

The toys showcased below received great ratings from pet owners. Toys that both of you enjoy playing with make it easy to exercise with your pet.

Remember, just walking around for 15 minutes with your dog on a leash will help the two of you improve your health in general.

3) Third Tip: Buy a good, comfortable, supportive bed for your dog.

Some of you have thought of this, but sometimes it can be overlooked, especially with larger dogs.

Dogs that lie on the floor are lying on their arms and legs. This constant pressure can damage their joints after long periods.

Stiff mats or towels on the floor are almost like lying on the floor for them. A soft bed will help keep your dog warm and dry, which protects against cold and damp conditions that can aggravate arthritis.

Companies like Tempurpedic, Purple and others are changing the way we sleep with memory foam and hyper-elastic polymer technologies. Millions of Americans have upgraded their beds and their pet's beds as well.

Comfortable bed for dogs with arthritis

Consider upgrading your dog's bed. It will do them a world of good. There are now orthopedic beds for dogs with arthritis and therapeutic mattresses with memory foam for giant breeds.

Mastiffs, Shepherds, Malamutes, Great Danes, and other large breed dogs definitely can't sleep on the floor for long without injuring themselves due to their weight.

Even small breeds like Shih Tzus, Pugs, Terriers, Pomeranians and miniature dogs will benefit from less joint stress.

Below are some suggested beds that we've hand-picked from for your dog.

Also, don't forget a comfortable travel bed! Some pet owners let their arthritic dogs sleep on the floor in their hotel rooms.

Remember if your dog sleeps on a hard floor, that will aggravate its worn joints and ruin your dog's vacation.

4) Fourth Tip: Help your dog maintain traction while walking.

Earlier in life, your dog might have jumped up into a car or a bed, but now a ramp may help dogs with osteoarthritis in these situations. The overall goal is to protect them from getting hurt and damaging their joints any further.

Carpets and area rugs that use slip-proof gripper mats will prevent your dogs from slipping and injuring themselves by falling. These mats also provide some cushioning, which will also ease joint pain.

When it's icy and slippery outside, anti-slip shoes designed for dogs will support your dog's paws and legs. They are waterproof and provide stability and traction for walking in tough conditions. Dog boots and shoes have new methods of fastening and stay on without any problems.

One other benefit of anti-slip shoes is that they keep your pet's feet warm and dry and protect them from the snow and ice. It makes it easier for them to go outside in the snow.

5) Fifth Tip: Supplement with Glucosamine Chondroitin for dogs.

Supplements are natural remedies for arthritis in dogs. Dog arthritis supplements provide the ingredients that joints need to rebuild cartilage.

What should you give your dog for arthritis? Ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, green-lipped mussels, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and msm help rebuild joints.

Supplements provide anti-inflammatories that will naturally reduce swelling.

Nutrients like essential fatty acids, Boswellia Serrata Extract, Tumeric, Curcumin, and antioxidants reduce chronic joint inflammation and help with your pet's lameness.

You may have been told that medication is the best dog arthritis treatment. NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) will reduce inflammation, swelling, and joint pain. But, long term exposure to them will damage your dog's liver.

Natural supplements are over the counter, safe, and without side effects. The best dog arthritis natural remedy are natural supplements. Give your dog a natural supplement for arthritis pain in the comfort of your home. Supplements are the easiest way to naturally prevent dog arthritis.

Use a veterinarian recommended brand like Osteo-Pet® Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplements for Dogs that has an established reputation and a proven track record.

The easiest way to prevent arthritis in dogs is to provide them with the supplements they need to rebuild arthritic joints.


1 Kane, |. By Andrea. "How Fat Affects Arthritis." Obesity and Arthritis. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2016. Obesity and Arthritis

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