Chemiclean - Red Slime Algae Remover for Fish Tanks

ChemiClean removes Red Slime Algae from fish tanks. It does it quickly, effectively and safely. It removes cyanobacteria without harming fish, invertebrates, and corals. It also spares important nitrifying bacteria.

Aquarists worldwide use and appreciate ChemiClean. It's safe, inexpensive and easy to use.



Chemiclean Red Slime remover

Does your tank have Red Slime Algae? Chemiclean removes red slime algae from your tank quickly and safely.

Red slime algae is also known as Cyanobacteria. It grows in the presence of excess nitrates and ammonia. ChemiClean safely destroys algae. It won't harm your plants, fish or other biologicals.

Chemiclean does the following:

  • It destroys Red Slime Algae (Cyanobacteria).
  • It works without harming fish, invertebrates or corals.
  • Oxidizes organic sludge and sediment.
  • It clarifies both Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums.
  • It promotes an Ideal Enzyme Balance
  • It's Safe for Reef Tanks nitrifying bacteria and all fish.
  • Both Freshwater and Saltwater secure.

Directions: Use included level scoop, one per each 10 gallons. After 48 hours, repeat if needed. Must change water (20%) after every treatment. Contents treat 300 gallons.

Important Note: So you don't filter ChemiClean from your tank, first turn off your UV sterilizer and your ozonizer. Also, turn off your protein skimmer. Remove ChemiPure or any other filtration for 24 hours after each treatment. During treatment, maintain tank oxygen levels with an airstone.

Contains no phosphates, algaecides or Erythromycin succinate. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Keep away from children. Do not ingest. ChemiClean Net Weight: 2 grams.

What is the active ingredient in Chemiclean? Is Chemiclean a drug?

While the packaging doesn't list any actives, it's likely that Chemiclean is a drug. If that so, why isn't it listed on the label? Boyd is an old company, one that could have been "grandfathered" by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "Grandfathered" means that you don't have to list certain drugs on the label.

The FDA states "Under the 1962 grandfather clause, the FD&C Act exempts a drug from the effectiveness requirements if its composition and labeling has not changed since 1962 and if, on the day before the 1962 Amendments became effective, it was (a) used or sold commercially in the United States, (b) not a new drug as defined by the FD&C Act at that time, and (c) not covered by an effective application."1

Dick Boyd, the founder of Boyd Enterprises was creating products in the 60s. Also, the positions from the FDA clause apply to Chemiclean. So, it's possible they legally don't have to list the active ingredient.

Is Chemiclean reef safe for corals?

We've used Chemiclean for our tank and have seen it being used by customers and friends for a couple of hundred times. As long as you follow the instructions and don't think that more is better, it should work for your tank. Follow the instructions carefully so it won't be harmful to your tank. It comes with a small measuring scoop. Please make sure you use this spoon for the safety of your tank.

Is Chemiclean the best slime remover?

There are a couple of other red slime removers that we'd recommend:

1 Affairs, Office of Regulatory. “Compliance Policy Guides - CPG Sec. 440.100 Marketed New Drugs Without Approved NDAs and ANDAs.” US Food and Drug Administration Home Page, Office of Regulatory Affairs. Accessed 12 Apr. 2017.

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