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  • The Best Supplements for Dogs with Arthritis

    Infographic on the Best Supplements for Dogs with Arthritis.

    Best supplements for dog arthritis treatment. Learn about the best supplements for natural arthritis treatment for dogs.

    Read more about these ingredients at Osteo-Pet® Total Joint Care.

  • What do you need to know before hiring a pet sitter?

    People and their pets go together like bread and butter, becoming increasingly more synonymous with each other, and their numbers are continuing to grow globally. For example, in 2015, it’s estimated that worldwide spending on our animals will surpass the $100 billion dollar mark for the first time. Naturally, this figure includes necessities like food and veterinary care, but other more exotic expenditures like designer outfits, professional grooming, even beauty treatments are taking a bigger piece of this ever-expanding pie.

    Another rapidly growing cost for our four-legged friends includes caretaking, doggie daycare and other types of pet sitting services that are also on the rise. Businesses offering pet products, caretaking, and other animal-specific services are expected to rise by 4.4% throughout 2016, one of the few industries to do so in our often troubled economy.

    When it comes to finding the right pet sitter, as the infographic below will show, it’s a little more complicated than one might imagine. Therefore, here is the most common mistake many pet owners make when it comes to choosing a caregiver for their animals:


    Many times pet owners will rely on friends, family or neighbors to look after their beloved pets during their absence, but often this is not the best choice. There could be unique medical circumstances that require a more professional approach. For example, insulin-dependent diabetes in dogs, the most common form of this disease known as Mellitus, needs shots to be administered to the animal.

    Other problems with choosing these friendly associations with a family member or neighbor could include:

    • They may not have the time to come and care for your animal multiple times per day.
    • A younger family member or neighbor could throw a party in your home or have other unwanted guests in your house.
    • If they became unexpectedly ill or injured, perhaps they had car trouble, they may not be able to provide the care for your pet as promised.
    • While your neighbor may be willing to help you out as a favor, they may not be close enough to you or your pet to offer them the kind of care, love, and affection they need.
    • Without training or the right knowledge, they may not know how to react in case of an emergency, illness or injury.

    And last but not certainly not least, if your friend, neighbor or family member does make a mistake, perhaps they miss a visit, forget a feeding or neglect a dose of medication and something happens to your pet, as a result, will your relationship with them be able to recover?

    Information on Pet Sitting
  • Marvelous Products is proud to partner with Animal Wellness Magazine!

    We're excited to announce that we'll be advertising with Animal Wellness Magazine!  Animal Wellness Magazine is one of the most trusted sources of natural health and wellness information for cats and dogs:

    Animal Wellness Magazine Cover Animal Wellness Magazine Information

    Look for our ad offering discounts on our Osteo-Pet Total Joint Care Formulas in their next edition!

  • News on LJ 100 Herbal Extract for Sports Performance

    HP Ingredients, a manufacturer of organic non-GMO patented herbal extracts, announced new regulatory and safety reviews regarding LJ 100®. LJ 100 is known for maintaining high free testosterone levels, enhancing sexual function and promoting overall wellbeing, mood and hormonal health.

    Barry Lynch, Director, Food and Nutrition Group, Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy (INTERTEK), reviewed a total of 56 studies (human clinical and animal studies encompassing safety, mechanism of action and efficacy in a range of sexual and reproductive support issues) and concludes, "The available information supports the safety of LJ 100® at the intake level of 200 mg per day."

    In his written review (dated February 16, 2016), Lynch asserts, "The components of this extract are consistent with the specifications established by the patent. Emphasis was placed on assessing the safety of incorporation of this specific aqueous extract of Tongkat Ali root into dietary supplement products and, further, to determine a dose not likely to cause significant adverse effects. Specifically, Intertek evaluated the safety of a proposed dosage of 200 mg/day in healthy adults." The report also points out that researchers have reported increased serum testosterone and DHEA concentrations in several clinical trials in which LJ100® was administered at doses of generally 200 mg/day or more.

    Lynch concludes that based on an exhaustive review of the available data that show a lack of serious adverse effects at doses of 200 to 600 mg/day, there is no indication that consumption of 200 mg/day of LJ100® would be associated with adverse effects. "This review by INTERTEK further supports the safety of LJ 100® brand of standardized aqueous Eurycoma longifolia extract specifically and does not encompass generic Tongkat Ali alternatives," says Annie Eng, Founder and President of HP Ingredients. Also, Health Canada has recently concluded that HP Ingredients' application for its proprietary Eurycoma longifolia ingredient known as LJ100 "is in compliance according to section 7 of the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR)," and has thus issued product license NPN #80067049 for LJ100® capsules. Further, the following claims are now allowed to be made for Canadian LJ100® products (100 mg and 200 mg): · “Eurycoma longifolia helps support healthy sexual interest." · "Eurycoma longifolia helps promote testosterone production." · "Eurycoma longifolia supports testosterone production." · "Eurycoma longifolia is a source of/provides antioxidants.” "Our LJ 100® is one of the very few testosterone ingredients currently available on the market that has gone through this type of rigorous independent and third-party safety review," emphasizes Hame Persaud, Executive Vice President, HP Ingredients. "At a time when free testosterone enhancing products are under intense scrutiny, this should lay to rest any concerns regarding the safety of LJ 100 for oral dosage use in dietary supplements at its clinically evaluated levels." About LJ100®

    LJ 100® is an extract of Eurycoma longifolia (also known as Tongkat Ali) root extract, standardized to 22% Eurypeptides, 40% Glycosaponins, 1% eurycomanone protected by United States Patent #7,132,117, owned by Ministry of Science, Government of Malaysia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Eurycoma longifolia is a tall, slender shrubby tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. E. longifolia has a long tradition of use in the Southeast Asian culture as an herbal remedy to boost vitality. About HP Ingredients

    HP Ingredients is a fast growing innovative nutraceutical company focused on bringing science-based and patented natural remedies to the nutraceutical industry. HP Ingredients is dedicated to providing science based natural health solutions that are effective in supporting the most common chronic conditions affecting our lifestyle. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, low testosterone and low energy are conditions that have become far too common. We work closely with team of scientists from around the world to bring you LJ100® Standardized Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides) for men’s health and sport nutrition; ParActin® – the first PPAR agonist to the market, effective for joint, bone, and muscle health; Bergamonte®, a science based nutraceutical for metabolic syndrome, cholesterol & blood glucose control, and weight management; Maqui Superberry™, a maqui standardized extract for blood glucose support; Citruslim® for cortisol control and healthy weight management; NO MaxTM for Antioxidant, vasodilating, and nitric oxide enhancer; NeuroActin® for brain cell protection, memory and cognitive health. Most of our scientists have been awarded several worldwide patents for their innovative works. All products intended for human consumption are certified Kosher and Halal.

    About INTERTEK Health Services INTERTEK Health Service International is a leading scientific consulting firm that specializes in developing scientific and global regulatory strategies, resolving toxicology and scientific issues and facilitating timely regulatory approvals for the food and dietary supplement industries. INTERTEK services include: ingredient and product safety assessments; expert scientific reviews; preparation of regulatory notifications and submissions [e.g., food additive and novel food petitions, natural health product (NHP) submissions, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notifications]; dietary intake/exposure estimates; study protocol development and placement of non-clinical toxicology testing programs; monitoring and auditing of safety and clinical trials; substantiation of health-related claims; and facilitation of global regulatory approval. For more information visit

  • Benecoat™ is improved fish oil in a soft chew.

  • My dog has an upset stomach and is vomiting. What should I do?

    Your dog is sick.  Somehow, there is something wrong, and he/she isn't eating or being active. There is vomit or diarrhea or both.  Your dog is attempting to vomit without success.  It seems your dog has an upset stomach.

    What should you do? First step: Understand that there are deadly issues that have vomiting or diarrhea as symptoms.  You should call your veterinarian immediately as the following life-threatening illnesses can upset your dog's stomach: Parvovirus, an intestinal blockage, gastroenteritis, bloat, and pancreatitis.  These are serious issues that are not cured by giving your dogs Tums or antacids.

    The first and most important problem to address is gastric dilatation, more commonly known as "bloat" as it can kill your dog within hours.  Bloat is when your dog's stomach fills with air and twists inside its body.  This twisting of the stomach cuts off blood flow and oxygen flow to vital organs.  The veterinarian will diagnose bloat with an x-ray, but get your dog to the hospital immediately if you suspect this to be the cause of your dog's stomach discomfort.  Symptoms include (but are not limited to):


    • Your dog will attempt to vomit without doing so.  It makes retching, coughing or gagging sounds.
    • Anxiousness, restlessness, moving around or not wanting to sit or lie down due to discomfort.
    • Wanting to be let outside in the middle of the night.  Your dog is not acting like his usual self.

    This is an x-ray of a dog with bloat. This stomach problem can be fatal. X-ray of a dog with bloat

    Take your dog to your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog has bloat.

    Another disease that can cause vomiting is the parvovirus.  Parvovirus or Parvo needs immediate treatment due to its lethality.  It can kill your dog quickly if left untreated.  WebMD has an excellent article on parvovirus here.

    While the remaining issues that we mentioned (gastroenteritis, an obstruction or intestinal blockage or pancreatitis) are not as severe as bloat and parvovirus, they still need medical attention.

    We wrote this post because every day, hundreds of people visit Marvelous Products' page "70 of the most frequently asked questions regarding "can I give my dog" and their answers."  They are looking for information on "Tums for dogs" or "antacids for dogs."  We want owners to know that intestinal issues in your dog can be a serious problem that may need an immediate trip to the veterinarian.

  • Top 10 Ways to save Money at Your Veterinarian's Office

    The 10 Best Ways to Save Money at the Vets Office.“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Ben Franklin

    Ben Franklin's wise words are as true today as when they first uttered two centuries ago. This axiom brings us to our first savings tip:

    1. Don't skimp on regular vaccinations, especially for puppies and kittens.

    Here's why: Puppies and kittens need vaccines every 3-4 weeks until they are at least 16 weeks old.  It protects them from potentially deadly diseases such as parvo, distemper, and panleukopenia.  A few hundred dollars spent on proper vaccinations could save you thousands of dollars on hospitalization for treatment of these deadly diseases, and there is no guarantee that your pet will survive.

    Bonus tip: A quick word on “Feed store” or mail-order vaccines: Vaccines are delicate and need to be protected from light and kept at a constant cool temperature to be effective. Vaccines that has been improperly handled can't provide the protection your pet deserves.  So saving a few bucks on an ineffective vaccine is still throwing your money away. The information you receive at your well-puppy and well-kitten visit is invaluable to helping your pet get the proper start in life. You take your infant to the pediatrician, why wouldn't you take your puppy or kitten to their doctor?


    2. Use your heartworm prevention year round.

    Here's why: Mosquitos transmit heartworms. Once heartworms infect your dog, the heartworm larvae grow into adult heartworms, which look like strands of spaghetti inside the heart.  Over time, they can block the proper flow of blood through the heart and can lead to heart failure, organ failure, and death. Treatment for heartworms is outrageously expensive, but prevention is cheap.  The damage that heartworms bring to the heart, lungs, and other organs in the body is devastating.

    In addition to preventing heartworms, preventatives such as Heartgard and Sentinel also prevent intestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and in Sentinel's case, whipworms.  Intestinal parasites are common, and dogs get them all of the time.  Intestinal parasites can cause vomiting and diarrhea which can lead to hundreds of dollars spent treating your pet for vomiting and diarrhea.  Also, hookworms and roundworms are zoonotic, meaning that they are potentially transmittable to people.  Hookworms cause a terrible itchy rash in people and roundworms are the leading cause of blindness in children. Our pets sleep in our beds and lick our kids, so it makes sense to prevent intestinal parasites before they cause problems.


    3) Use your flea and tick prevention year round as well.

    Besides being gross, fleas and ticks transmit disease.  Mycoplasma Hemofelis (a blood parasite that infects cats and can cause high fevers and anemia), Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are some of the diseases that they'll give your dog.  Infection with any of these diseases can cause your pet to become very ill and potentially lead to death.  Using year-round monthly flea and tick prevention is much smarter and cheaper than treating these diseases. Fleas also cause our pets to itch and scratch which can cause secondary bacterial and yeast skin infections. I see dogs and cats with fleas every month of the year, and their owners spend hundreds of dollars treating the fleas, the itching, and the secondary skin infections. Save yourself and your pet a vet visit and use monthly flea and tick prevention.


    4) Your Vet may offer additional savings.

    No one said flea and tick prevention would be inexpensive. And by all means, if you are going to use something every month of your pet’s life, you want to find the most cost-effective option. Preventatives such as Frontline and Advantage are safe, effective, and can be found easily with a quick Google search on dozens of websites.

    That being said, don’t discount the vet office as one of the most cost-effective places to purchase them. Very often the manufacturer will offer deals available only through your veterinarian.

    For instance, suppose you find Frontline on the internet for $80 for six month's supply. (That’s $13.30 per month). Your veterinarian may sell the same size package of Frontline for $88.  HOWEVER they also have a promotion of buy six months, get two months free from the manufacturer.  That translates into $11 per month, which saves almost $40 per year.  Do your internet pricing homework, but don’t forget to call your veterinarian to see what promotions they have available.


    5) If you are going to spend money on flea and tick prevention, stick with brands that are safe and effective such as Frontline and Advantage. Avoid Hartz, Zodiac, and other “grocery store” brands. They are packaged to look like Frontline and Advantage, but their active ingredient is very different. They are the old pyrethrin and pyrethroid flea sprays that didn’t work well and were toxic 30-40 years ago.  Cats are especially sensitive to pyrethrins and pyrethroids. Even ones that say they are safe for cats are not safe for ALL cats. The pyrethrins can “short circuit” a cat’s neurological system, leading to tremors, seizures, and death. Why waste your money on something that doesn’t work and has the potential to make your pet ill, necessitating a visit to the vet office?


    My first 5 points all spoke about PREVENTION. Preventing your pet from becoming ill will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars throughout your pet’s lifetime, not to mention keeping your pet healthy and happy for longer. My next five tips will be about how to actually SAVE money should your pet become ill and need to visit the veterinarian. So here it is, tip number 6-

    6) If your pet is sick for a day maybe even two, do not wait 4-5 days to take your pet to the veterinarian.

    Trying to save a gravely ill patient will require a longer hospital stay and cost more than treating only a mildly ill patient that could potentially be treated as an outpatient. For instance, your dog Fido has a little bit of vomiting and diarrhea, taking him to the vet office early on may end up with subcutaneous fluids, some injectable medications for the vomiting and diarrhea and oral medications to go home with- a cost of about $300.  Conversely, if Fido goes 4-5 days with vomiting, diarrhea, and not eating, he can get very dehydrated, requiring IV fluids and hospitalization which could cost upwards of $600-800, maybe more depending on the seriousness of his condition.


    7) Most human medications and pet medications are the same medication and many medications that your veterinarian may prescribe can be found at a human pharmacy.

    Walmart has a list of low-cost ($4-8) drugs- many different kinds of antibiotics, anxiety medications, eye medications, heart medications. And steroids are on this list- that can be prescribed for pets with the same savings. Likewise, some grocery store pharmacies, such as Martin’s and Publix, have free antibiotics. Familiarize yourself with the medications on these low cost or free lists. Your veterinarian is the authority on which medications are most appropriate for your pet’s condition, but asking for a written prescription can save you money.


    8) Keep your pet slim and prevent pet obesity. Doing this can save you money in so many ways!

    Barring certain endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism in dogs, if your pet is fat then it is all your fault! Your pet’s weight is entirely under your control. You feed your pet. Overfeeding your pet wastes money- dog food is expensive- so don’t overfeed. Ask your veterinarian how much your pet should eat. The AVERAGE PER DAY is 1 cup (an 8 oz measuring cup) per 20# of how much your pet SHOULD weigh (Differences occur in individual metabolism, activity level, and caloric density of the diet fed) One tip I tell clients is to measure out how much food you want your pet to eat, pour that amount into a baggie and take that baggie to the nearest pet store. Pour the food into different bowls until you find one that only holds that amount of food and no more. After that, just fill the bowl once a day. This way my husband or children can feed the dogs, and they are never overfed. In addition to saving money on dog food, by keeping your pet lean, you will save money on medications. Most medications, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick control are dosed based on weight. A heavier pet requires higher doses of medications from antibiotics to NSAIDS to heartworm and flea/ tick preventatives, and the less a pet weighs, the cheaper the medications will be.  Lean pets have fewer breathing problems, especially your brachycephalic breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and Boston terriers. Slim pets have fewer problems with arthritis.  Thin pets also have fewer back problems, and lean cats are less likely to have diabetes.  A pet in its proper body weight range may be in a lower weight category for HWP and FT control.  That alone can save a ton of money.  Lean pets live longer with a better quality of life and are less likely to overheat or have heatstroke during the summer.


    9) If your veterinarian recommends a special diet to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease, you should feed it that diet!

    Prescription diets may be expensive, but the diseases they prevent (there’s that word again) are much more expensive to treat. For instance, if your cat has FLUTD/ FIC and your veterinarian has recommended he eat a special diet to prevent serious conditions such as urinary obstruction, you should feed it. Spending the extra money to prevent recurrence of FIC or urethral blockage is cheap compared to the upwards of $800 to treat a blocked cat.

    I cannot tell you how many blocked cats I have treated whose owners got tired of feeding the special diet. After years of feeding the diet with no urinary issues, they switch to the cheaper grocery store brand and within months they are in my office (or more likely at the emergency clinic in the middle of the night) with a blocked cat. The same scenario holds true for prevention of bladder stones- your pet should not need multiple cystotomies in its lifetime. Making your pet go through multiple surgeries because you decided not to feed the recommended diet isn’t fair to your pet.


    10)  While I do not subscribe to natural remedies, there are a few that do work. Among those that do is glucosamine chondroitin supplements for joint support. Whether due to injury, poor joint conformation or normal wear and tear, our pets develop arthritis as they age. That is not to say that every lameness is due to arthritis. There are a myriad of causes of lameness in our pets- from cervical disease to Lyme disease, to tears of the ACL ligament which are best managed surgically. If your pet is limping, then your pet is in pain, and you should take him to your veterinarian for an exam to find out why and implement the recommended treatment. That being said, if your pet is diagnosed with arthritis, try starting them on a joint support formula with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and omega fatty acids. These are all good things for joints. The key is to buy your product from a reputable company, give the supplement daily, and wait at least 1-2 months before deciding if it works. Starting your pet on a joint support formula for arthritis earlier vs. later may keep you from having to spend several hundred dollars on expensive NSAIDs such as carprofen or deracoxib.  Also, don't forget the bloodwork needed to monitor kidney and liver values while on these medications.



  • Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs BOGO Free Special!

    Our Osteo-Pet® liquid glucosamine for dogs has been doing well, but we still want to get the word out about how beneficial it is for your dogs.  We've decided to offer it as a buy one, get one free special to help spread the news!  We are activating this deal from 12am EST Friday, February 7th until 12pm PST Monday, February 10th.  If you are in the pet industry and can help us by sharing our information with your followers on a blog, we’d appreciate it tremendously and would go out of our way to reciprocate in a similar fashion.

    You can find a direct link to the product here:

    Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs BOGO Deal Buy One, Get One Free for a Limited Time.
  • Where are the Osteo-Pet® 720ct Sizes?

    The Osteo-Pet® 720ct Sizes are still here!

    We had posted that we moved the Osteo-Pet® 720ct sizes to the 60ct size page on Facebook, but many customers aren't yet aware that we still have the bulk sizes available. To find them, go to the 60ct size of the supplement that you want to order and then use the "Select" button to pick either the 60ct, 180ct or 720ct value size.

    We moved all sizes to one page so customers can see the savings on ordering a 180ct or 720ct size.

    Our strategy for Osteo-Pet® is to provide the three Osteo-Pet® formulas as good, better and best options.

      • 1) The glucosamine for dogs with essential fatty acids is the orange formula. It is our least expensive formula because it doesn't contain chondroitin, but it contains glucosamine, MSM, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and antioxidants. It is available in a 60ct, 180ct and 720ct value size.


      • 2) The professional joint formula is our green formula. It is similar to formulas that are found in most veterinarian's offices. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin C, and Manganese. It also comes in a 60ct, 180ct and 720ct size.


    • 3) The Total Joint Care formula is our best formula. It has glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, collagen, hyaluronic acid, boswellia, green lipped mussels and natural anti-inflammatories with additional ingredients to fully support your dog's joints. It comes in a 60ct, 180ct and 720ct tablet size. It also comes in a 200ct soft chew.

    The soft chew is our latest addition to the Osteo-Pet® line. It currently is available in a 200ct value size, we are planning to make it into one of the Osteo-Pet® 720ct sizes as well as a 60ct size.

    Please like our Facebook page at to keep up with the latest products we're developing, like our multi-vitamin for dogs and essential fatty acids for dogs formula.

  • Glucosamine for Pets

    If your pet is suffering from canine (dog) osteoarthritis, try glucosamine for dogs

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