Clean your cloudy aquarium with Chemi-Pure Filter Medium

Chemi-Pure is a charcoal filter medium that removes dissolved organics quickly and safely.  With Chemi-Pure, the water in your fish tank can be clean within hours.  ChemiPure also works to keep your PH levels perfectly constant.  Change your cloudy aquarium to a clean and clear fish tank with Chemi-Pure!




How does Chemi-Pure clear my aquarium's water? Chemi-Pure quickly filters excess waste nutrients that bacteria feed on, stopping bacteria build up and clearing your tank.Most fish tanks and aquariums become cloudy, dirty or murky as bacteria consume waste and multiply, clouding up the water. Chemi-Pure removes dissolved organic waste, food and other particulates quickly and safely by filtering them directly from marine and freshwater tank water, stopping the bacteria build up.

What is Chemi-Pure? Chemi-Pure is a nylon filter bag filled with a high grade blend of activated carbons and ion exchange resins. The activated carbons filter particulates and waste while the ion exchange resins help remove nitrogen (ammonia and nitrate) build up which is harmful to your fish. Chemi-Pure also stabilizes water chemistry while keeping your pH levels perfectly constant. It's effects are far reaching, another reason why aquarists worldwide have been using it for years to help improve the life and health of their aquariums. Below are some added benefits.

  • LONGER LIFE - Fish often live 3 to 4 times longer than in any other closed system, fresh or marine.
  • CONSTANT pH - Always within the safe range
  • PROTECTS NECESSARY ORGANISMS - Allowed growth with no danger of pollution.
  • REMOVES TOXIC ELEMENTS - Including Copper & Phenol
  • QUICKER RESPONSES - Neurological reactions like fishes in natural habitat.
  • GOOD FOR SALTWATER & FRESHWATER FISHES - helps all species thrive.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER - Always sparkling blue-white water
  • NO OSMOTIC SHOCK - 90% eliminated
  • ECONOMICAL - It lasts for up to 6 months and under $7.00 makes it a worthwhile investment.

  • How long until I see a change? Chemi-Pure'ssuperior filtration cleans water crystal clear within hours.Period.

    Instructions:Treats up to 40 gallons for up to 6 months. Use one 10 ounce unit, already packed in a filter bag, for up to 40 gallons. Use two 10 oz. units for 40 to 100 gallons, above 100 gallons add 1-10 oz. unit for every additional 25 gallons.

    Where to place Chemi-Pure:Instructions: Keep Chemi-Pure package sealed until ready for use, then simply remove the bag directly from the bottle. It is pre-moistened and should belightly rinse prior to use. Keep the nylon bag closed and place Chemi-Pure in the aquarium's canister filter or regular filter, so it has a substantial flow of water flowing through the nylon bag. Be sure to place Chemi-Pure in an area of your filter that is large enough to accept the amount needed. If needed, use a small amount of filter floss to support the Chemi-pure bag so it remains directly in the water flow path.

    Note: Because this is extremely popular, we carry a large inventory to make sure we constantly have it in stock.

    Also, please note that Boyd's Chemiclean Red Slime Remover can be used to remove Red Slime Algae that can be a result of dissolved organic waste build-up.

    Frequently asked questions about Chemi-Pure:

    I have cloudy water in my tank, will Chemi-Pure clean it? Yes! Chemi-Pure removes cloudy aquarium water by filtering out organic particulates and nitrates. It does this within a couple of hours.

    What makes my aquarium cloudy in the first place? Some of the main problems that cause cloudy aquarium water are: New fish are providing more waste material; overfeeding can cause decomposing food on the aquarium bottom or floating around in the water, or a change in lighting can increase bacteria growth, making the water cloudy.

    I have a fish bowl that has cloudy water. Can I use Chemi-Pure? Chemi-Pure is built for fish tanks and aquariums that have a filter system. For a fish bowl, it's easier to change the water and remove any waste material from the gravel.

    My cloudy aquarium happens to be a freshwater aquarium. Will Chemi-Pure still work? Yes! Chemi-Pure works on both marine aquariums and freshwater aquariums, just as long as you add it to the filtration system.

    What if my aquarium water is cloudy for a while? Frequently, organic particulates provide cyanobacteria in the aquarium with an edible food supply, causing a red slime algae bloom. If this happens, you'll need to remove the red slime with Boyd's Chemiclean Red Slime Remover.

    For how long does Chemi-Pure protect my aquarium from cloudy water? Chemi-Pure usually lasts for up to 6 months before it needs to be replaced. It's a value no aquarium should be without.

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